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Esteban’s 1st Custom Snare Drum Build

Just got these awesome pictures in from Esteban in Ventura, CA! This is what he said “First off I wanted to thank you for putting out your e-Book, it was a huge help. I wouldn’t have even got into drum building without the e-Book. I just finished my first build yesterday, I built a 6.5″x14″ 10ply Maple snare. It was …

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Interview with Pete Yaskovik on Building Drums

Pete emailed me the other day with these pictures. I loved what I saw and asked him to be interview for the podcast. Listen below!MDP 003 – Interview with Drum Builder Pete Yaskovik Mentioned in this podcast: MinWax PolyShades Carnuba Wax NuFinish Scratch Doctor Roland V-Drums Spring Loaded floor tom legs

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Interview with Custom Drum Builder Troy Townsley

MDP 002 – Interview with Drum Builder Troy Townsley

Had a great interview with Troy Townsley. He had some great insight for drummers looking to get sponsored by a custom drum company since he has been sponsored by some great drum companies as well as some great insight into his building process.

Mentioned in this Podcast:

* Advent Custom Drums
* Risen Custom Drums
* Truth Custom Drums
* SJC Custom Drums
* A tip for potential drum builders that don’t own any tools

Check out the drum set that Troy Just got done building:

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Ryan Voight Knows How to Build Drums

Just got some amazing pictures of a new custom snare drum that Ryan from Lubbock built! Aside from being a great drum builder, Ryan is also a great photographer! Check out his work at I look forward to seeing more drum from you Ryan! Great job!

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Audio Clips From Bart’s Custom Drum Set

I just received another email from Bart with drum audio recordings of the custom drum sets that he recently finished building. Bart specifically designed these drums to sound great for Jazz. If you would like to hear how some custom drums that I have built to play for Rock N’ Roll sound then check out this older blog post. Bart’s …

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Bart’s First Custom Drum Set Build

I just got this email from a friend in Hungary and wanted to share his experience with you! Bart’s first drum set is a beauty: Bart did an incredible job on building his very first custom drum set. Great job Bart! Below is an email conversation/interview that I had with Bart. He has lots of great drum building tips so …

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That’s one very large floor tom…

I just completed work on a 20″ floor tom and I couldn’t be more happy with the results. It’s huge, it’s beautiful, and it sounds like a cannon going off (or at least what I think a cannon sounds like, because I have actually never heard a cannon going off.) This was a fun build for me. This was the …

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Black Sparkle Custom Drum Set

P.Ellis Drums Black Sparkle Custom Drum Set I had a post in April talking a little about this kit, but I wanted to update you on the finished product. This is a very classic sized kit: 14×22, 8×13, and 16×16. I learned a lot from building this drum set. Just a few things I learned from this build: “Nonflammable” contact …

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Lessons Learned from: Contact Cement

Using Contact Cement to Apply Drum Wrap The past few weeks I’ve been waiting to get supplies in to build a new custom drum set for a P.Ellis Drums artist. I recently started the build process in my wood/drum shop. Like I have said before every time I build a new drum or drum set I learn something that changes …

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How to Take Good Drum Photos

How to Take Drum Product Photos When you build your very own custom drum or drum set you’ll want to take some great product photos to show off your work to everyone you know. In the past I’ve been lucky to work with some amazing photographers who have shot some promo pictures of drums that I’ve built, one of them …