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Product Review: Kickport

In How to Tune Drums, Product Review by Philip3 Comments

Kickport: Hype or Heavenly? I’ve seen lots of Kickport’s installed on lots of different drums lately, and to be honest I didn’t really want to jump on the bandwagon. I don’t have any good reason of not wanting to jump on the bandwagon, other than the fact that I think that my kick drum sounds perfectly fine the way it …

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DW 9000 Series Hardware Review – Drum Hardware

In Product Review by Philip1 Comment

DW offers some great hardware for your drums. For most of my life, I’ve only owned cymbal stands and hardware that I bought from friends or from Craigslist. Not anymore! I just purchased some really nice hardware from Drum Workshop and I thought that I would share what I love about my new cymbal stands and drum hardware stands. If …

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Mike Michalkow’s Drumming System Review – How to Play the Drums

In Product Review by Philip19 Comments

Mike Michalkow’s Drumming System Review Disclosure: Since I spent a LOT of time reviewing Mike Michalkow’s Drumming System, I would appreciate your support in buying lessons through a link on this page. You won’t pay a cent more, but I’ll receive a commission for my time writing this in-depth review, which helps fund this website (and my drum building obsession!). …