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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Philip Ellis and I want to teach you how to build drums. I have taught over 800 drummers become drum builders and custom drum company owners since I started teaching others how to build drums in 2009.

I’ve messed up countless shells and drums due to stupid mistakes that could have been avoided if I could have had someone guide me along the way…

The question is…

Do you want to fumble and stumble your way into building your custom drum set?

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I will save you money

I can’t tell you how many expensive shells and pieces of drum wrap I ruined when I started building drums. My loss is your gain. I made all of my mistakes so you don’t have to repeat them.

I will save you time.

No need to ponder what step is next! I will save you dozens of hours of effort and potentially shave months (or years) off of perfecting your drum building craft. If time is valuable to you, you don’t want to go the trial-and-error route.

Don't underestimate yourself.

I will teach everything you need to flawlessly complete your first drum or drum set.

Material Selection

Learn where to buy the right supplies for your project.


I’ll show you tools that take the guess work out of drum building.


Step by step instructions for transforming raw material into a beautiful drum.

You could be building drums that look like this...

Check out what some of my customers have built!

What my customers are saying:

“It is very easy to understand and I actually learned something from it. Your book made me step back and realize what really goes on into making high quality drums.”Eric from Austin, Texas
Philip’s eBook on how to make custom drums was instrumental in encouraging me to proceed with my idea of building my own custom drum. I am a hobby woodworker so building the stave shell was less daunting than it might be to some with little experience or lack of tools. As far as all the other process such as marking and drilling for lugs and other hardware, creating a bearing edge etc., the information on the various processes and recommended tools gave me confidence in my ability to proceed. The many references to suppliers of various component parts necessary to construct the drum made it easy for me to get a sense of what the project would cost and what I needed to do to get started. This book presents good solid information on innovative ways to construct your own drum building equipment for example sanding and truing the drum edges in preparation for cutting the bearing edge. I will probably work with a purchased shell next time but the book will continue to be my Bible when it comes to the orderly process of building your own drum.Greg from Canada
“I really enjoy this book. It saves me time. Instead of taking shots in the dark, I can just know what I need to do and expand off of that. This book is well put together and very very useful to me. I particularly like the building checklist. That is a very subsidiary thing.”Mason Mansfield from Austin, TX
“Excellent book! Well worth the money!”Matt Martin from Houston, TX
“Worth every penny.”Seth Wharton from Mount Juliet TN
“I really appreciate somebody providing a readily accessible resource for those of us interested in building drums but not wanting to dive in head-first with no guidance. Until now, most of the info necessary to build drums was scattered throughout the many corners of the Internet, and took countless hours to compile. Thanks, Phillip for doing all the grunt work for the rest of us, and I look forward to seeing all the updates to come.”Ryan Voight from Lubbock, TX
“I have been building drums for a while but still purchased your eBook. It has some great info that has really helped me achieve some great results.”Christian from Chicago Ilinois.
“This eBook is great, you get all the information you need to start building drums without needing any previous knowledge. I would recommend this book to anybody that wants a good drum set but doesn’t want to pay the prices that big companies charge.”Beinat from Spain
“I love this eBook…made the creation process tons simpler and quicker too.”Jon from Ft. Wayne, Indiana
“This is a very well done eBook. It instantly instilled confidence in my ability to do this. The list of suppliers is top notch and provided me with some great ideas for future builds. Would love to do this as a career. Thank You!”Troy from Gardner, Massachusetts
“This book sets a very good foundation for people who are just starting off building drums. The book goes in order throughout the drum building process.”Robert Catalino from Atlanta, Georgia
“How to Make Custom Drums” eBook is concise and easy to follow. I’m ready for my first custom drums building!”Simon from Montreal, Canada
“Philip’s eBook is a great resource for anyone starting out building drums. He gives a lot of information about different finish types such as wraps, painting stripes as well as more advanced inlay work. It is a great read for experienced builders as well, being it gives another perspective of the trade.”Scott, President of Breaker Boy Drums

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