Trick GS007 Multi-Step Snare Strainer Review and Demo (Video)

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Trick GS-007 Multi-Step Snare Strainer

Hey, this is Philip Ellis, and I’m going to show you the Trick GS007 Snare Strainer. What I like about this snare strainer is the fluid motion to turn it on and off. Also, this is the Multi-Step, so it stops at 3 separate positions.

The Best Snare Stainer On the Market

I think this is the best strainer on the market right now, and that’s why we put them on P.Ellis Drums. I will demonstrate a little of how this works: Open sound, Loose sound, (hitting drums) and you got your full-on snare wire engagement. Also when you are turning the snare tension knob, there are different points at where the snare knob stops. I use the s-10 strainer which is a lot like the Ludwig p-85 I believe, and the problem with those types of snare strainers is that the snare knob (where you adjust the snare wire tension) can vibrate loose after you’ve been playing it for a while, especially if your hitting rim shots most of the time.

There are some solutions to this problem, but I think that Trick came up with a great solution. They added ball bearings that have a stopping point for every little bit of a turn.

Again I’m going to demonstrate the different sounds that this snare strainer can create: Snare wires off, snare wires loose, snare wires a little tighter, snare wires at full contact with the drum head. (Demonstrates the different snare wire tension settings)

So that is the Trick GS007 Multi-Step Snare Strainer Review and you can learn more about at

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