How to Install an Air Vent Grommet in a Drum – Drum Restoration

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Installing the Air Vent Grommet

This is the grommet style air vent that we are going to be working with. It needs some work done to it before we can actually install it back on the drum. So this is basically what this will turn into, so we are going to take the Dremel Tool and make little cuts into the air vent. Always wear safety glasses. (cuts the air vent, loud noises) And there you have it, now we will show you how to install it back on the drum. So now we are going to install the vent and the badge back on there. I have the vent that we cut, and we are going to stick that back on there. I would like to show you a cool little tool. It’s actually really easy to make.

I just went to Home Depot and grabbed a nut, a washer, some plastic washers and a screw that has a 45-degree angle on there, or whatever that angle is. So what you will do is, let’s get a shot from what it looks like from the inside. We will stick this screw through there, just bare screw, and we’ll come back to the other side and stick a plastic washer on there so it is against the air vent hole so it doesn’t mess up the badge. then I put the nut on there and take my little ratchet and slowly tighten the bolt. As you look on the inside, you can see that as I tighten the bolt with my ratchet it bends the air vent back slowly, and as you are doing this you need to make sure that your drum badge is positioned correctly. Make sure that it is level and straight. You might want to stop before it gets too tight to look at the badge and position it correctly.

Drum Badge Placement

Once you have the drum badge where you like it, unscrew the nut and bolt from the drum. You will then need to take a hammer to flatten out the edges of the air vent that are on the inside of the drum! Then you are set and you have just installed an air vent grommet in a drum! Good job!

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