5 Reasons to Build A Custom Drum Set

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Maybe you’re on the fence about building a drum, or maybe you just flat out don’t want to build your own drum. Either way, these are just a handful of reasons why you really should consider building your own custom drums.

  1. Save money.

    For most people, this is the deciding factor to build a custom drum set as opposed to buying one. Most “custom” drum companies charge upwards of $3000 for a 4 piece kit (snare, rack tom, floor tom, kick drum). Click here to see how much it actually costs to build your own drum set.

  2. Build your dream kit!

    Maybe you’ve been dreaming up a certain graphic or color scheme that you want to incorporate on your drum set that you’ve never seen before. When you when your own custom drums you make the drums that reflect your own personality.

  3. Create a drum that no one else in the world has but you!

    You can literally build a drum that is 1 of a kind. Not all drummers can say that.

  4. Start a drum company.

    Not everyone starts off building drums with the intentions of starting a drum company. I didn’t. I simply needed a professional level drum set and I didn’t have the money to buy the one that I wanted, so I built it…and 8 years later P.Ellis Drums is still growing and gaining recognition on a national and even international level.

  5. Start a new hobby.

    There is no experience necessary to start building drums. You just need a little guidance and a few tools and you will be on your way to building your first drum, but I can almost guarantee it will not be your last drum to build!

I would love to hear any other reasons that you may have come up with. Please leave a comment to share!

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