Black Sparkle Custom Drum Set

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P.Ellis Drums Black Sparkle Custom Drum Set

I had a post in April talking a little about this kit, but I wanted to update you on the finished product. This is a very classic sized kit: 14×22, 8×13, and 16×16.

P.Ellis Custom Drum Set Black Sparkle Tube Lugs

P.Ellis Custom Drum Set made in Austin Tx

I learned a lot from building this drum set.

Just a few things I learned from this build:

  • “Nonflammable” contact cement is a product that I will avoid at all costs from now on.
  • I love the “Gel” form of contact cement because it is much easier to work with. No runs = no mess!
  • Video taping yourself building drums is harder than I thought.
  • I realized I like notching the overlap near the bearing edge for wrapped drums, but it also is harder than it seems.
  • I love chrome tube lugs. They bring class to any drum.
  • I made a new document to include in the Ebook – it is a checklist for ordering drum supplies, because even I forget to order supplies every now and then.

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