Audio Clips From Bart’s Custom Drum Set

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I just received another email from Bart with drum audio recordings of the custom drum sets that he recently finished building. Bart specifically designed these drums to sound great for Jazz. If you would like to hear how some custom drums that I have built to play for Rock N’ Roll sound then check out this older blog post.

Bart’s Custom Drum Set Audio Track 03Custom Drum Set made with help from

All recordings  flat EQ’s without  mix.

Track 3: Turquoise/Azure shellset (pictured to the right)
Specs: 4.5mm tom and floor tom (with coated ambassadors-top/clear ambassadors-bottom)
6mm bass drum (Remo power stroke 3 fiberskyn-batter/powerstroke 3 smooth white-resonant)
9mm snare drum (coated Remo ambassador X-batter/hazy ambassador-resonant)

Bart’s Custom Drum Set Audio Track 08canto i
Track 8: Satin Walnut shellset
Specs: 9mm tom and floor tom (Remo fiberskyn amb.-top/clear ambassadors-bottom)
9mm bass drum (fiberskyn-batter/powerstroke 3 smooth white-resonant)
9mm snare drum (coated ambassador -batter/hazy ambassador-resonant)

Great work Bart. They look and sound incredible. The fact that they are the very first two kits that you have ever built speak volumes about your determination to build great drums. This is why I wrote “How to Make Custom Drums”, to inspire drummers to build their own custom drums and then in turn so they can inspire other drummers who may have never even known that they could build something that would look and sound this good. Thanks Bart for inspiring us all!


  1. Very inspiring stuff Mr. Bart!! Thanks for the audio. Best regards, Spiderweb.

  2. Thanks Phil,you inspired me and made me focus on crucial details.
    I can’t wait to start my next kit….



  3. Yuhuuu, long time no see your tweets RT @MakeDrums: MakeDrums Blog Post: Audio Clips From Bart’s Custom Drum Set

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