Esteban’s 1st Custom Snare Drum Build

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Just got these awesome pictures in from Esteban in Ventura, CA! This is what he said

“First off I wanted to thank you for putting out your e-Book, it was a huge help. I wouldn’t have even got into drum building without the e-Book. I just finished my first build yesterday, I built a 6.5″x14″ 10ply Maple snare. It was totally fun and I’m planning on building the full set sometime soon. Thanks again, I’ll keep checking your websites out to stay updated and what not. Hope to hear from you again bro.”

Dude, all I have to say is: Job well done! These are some great photos of a great looking drum! Good luck on starting the full set!

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  1. Sweet looking snare, and 10 ply maple… would love to hear the sound from it, I still use my old school 9 ply maple set from the 80's style and love the sound. cant wait to try to build one myself

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