Pro Drummer Tips: Kenny Sharretts on Resetting an Old Drum Head

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Kenny Sharretts has worked as a drum tech for Melissa Etheridge, Kelly Clarkson, Peter Frampton, Joss Stone, The American Idols Live, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Smashmouth. He is the current drum tech for Stevie Wonder and Rihanna. As a drummer he has worked for several Texas legends including Monte Montgomery, Kevin Fowler, Joe King Carrassco, Rusty Wier, George Devore, and Custard Pie. He is also an active member of the band So Called Underground.

Kenny’s Pro Drummer Tip: “Resetting an old head”

A common practice when you put on a new drum head and give it it’s first few rounds of tightening. Place your palm at the drums center and push gently. In addition, you could use the butt of one’s palm to stretch the edge of the head as well. Anchoring your finger’s to the outer edge of the hoop, press the butt of your palm (or your thumbs) along the bearing edge and then stretch lightly. Do this all the way around the drum. Makes sense right? Stretch all areas of a new head to ensure even tuning. When your heads are old, this method is a great way to “re-awaken” the Mylar from it’s stretched state. Mylar hardens over time. By stretching at the center and edges, it massages the Mylar fiber and opens it up a bit. Once you have stretched the old head a little bit, pick up the drum and give it a kiss in the vent hole. (ie: press your lips to the hole and blow.LOL!) If there are multiple vents, cover them with your fingers while blowing into the vent of your choice. The drum heads should expand upward/downward essentially “re-seating” the head. This will not only liven up the drums sound, but you will immediately be able to hear which lugs are truly out of tune with the others.

This video has nothing to do with Kenny’s tip, but this guy is a beast behind the drum set!

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