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Drum Building Tools for the Advanced Drum Builder

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Here is the 2nd part to the “Drum Building Tools” series. In this post I briefly discuss some of the drum building tools and supplies that you might want to get your hands on if you plan on building drums more often than just once. Again if you only want to build a snare, or even a full kit, but you don’t want to invest in buying tools, refer to this blog post to learn about building drums with only a screwdriver.

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Audio Clips From Bart’s Custom Drum Set

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I just received another email from Bart with drum audio recordings of the custom drum sets that he recently finished building. Bart specifically designed these drums to sound great for Jazz. If you would like to hear how some custom drums that I have built to play for Rock N’ Roll sound then check out this older blog post. Bart’s …

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Bart’s First Custom Drum Set Build

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I just got this email from a friend in Hungary and wanted to share his experience with you! Bart’s first drum set is a beauty: Bart did an incredible job on building his very first custom drum set. Great job Bart! Below is an email conversation/interview that I had with Bart. He has lots of great drum building tips so …

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Drums History

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If you plan on building drums for any length of time, I would highly suggest taking some time to learn about the drums history. The history of drums date as far back to 6000 B.C. so If I were you I would get cracking! Here is some suggested reading for you to find out more: Drum History Books To be …

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Twitter users, I’m running a Twitter-only campaign in an effort to gain more followers, and to do so I am giving out random drum building supplies every week for the next 5 weeks! The drum building supplies the be given out are as follows: 14″ 10-hole Wood  snare drum hoops ($100 value) Sparkle and Glitter Wrap suitable for cutting inlay …