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Pro Drummer Tips: Daniel Wainright on Dialing in Drum Sounds

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This is a guest post from Daniel Wainright in part of an ongoing series called Pro Drummer Tips. If you’d like to submit your own Pro Drummer Tip click here. One of the best things about drumming is how unique and individual we can make our sound. That can also be both liberating and terrifying in certain applications. Always choose …

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Pro Drummer Tips: Kenny Sharretts on Resetting an Old Drum Head

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Kenny Sharretts has worked as a drum tech for Melissa Etheridge, Kelly Clarkson, Peter Frampton, Joss Stone, The American Idols Live, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Smashmouth. He is the current drum tech for Stevie Wonder and Rihanna. As a drummer he has worked for several Texas legends including Monte Montgomery, Kevin Fowler, Joe King Carrassco, Rusty Wier, George Devore, …

How to Tune Drums – 4 Practical Drum Tuning Tips

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The ability to tune drums is something that comes with practice and patience. In this post I offer just a glimpse in the world how to tune drums. This post is not inteneded to make you the next great drum tuner, but should at least give you some insight in the the art of tuning drums that you may or may not have already known. This is your basic drum tuning stuff….stay tuned (no pun intended!) for some more in depth step by step “How To” drum tuning advice in one of my next posts! Enjoy!

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How to Prevent Your Drums From Slipping Out of Tune

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Tension Rod Slip Do you have problems with your tension rods detuning themselves as you play a gig? I know that I dealt with this for a very long time myself. I would sometimes find myself trying to tune my snare drum back up after a couple of songs because usually the lug nearest to where I hit my rim …