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The History of the Drum – Early History

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Modern drums have evolved from rudimentary instruments that were played by beating with the hands and/or sticks. Early man probably beat out rhythms on rocks or fallen trees. The earliest recognized drum dates back some 8,000 years to Mesopotamia – specifically the Babylonian and Sumerian empires. Ancient drums consisted of animal skin stretched across some sort of hollow shell. Another form of early drum consisted of hollowed out logs that were beat with sticks.

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Drum Building Tools for the Advanced Drum Builder

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Here is the 2nd part to the “Drum Building Tools” series. In this post I briefly discuss some of the drum building tools and supplies that you might want to get your hands on if you plan on building drums more often than just once. Again if you only want to build a snare, or even a full kit, but you don’t want to invest in buying tools, refer to this blog post to learn about building drums with only a screwdriver.

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How to pay if you don’t have Paypal

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How to Order “How to Make Custom Drums” If you want to buy “How to Make Custom Drums” but don’t have a Paypal account you can use your credit card or bank account to pay for it. Paypal still takes care of it, and I have nothing to do with processing the account information in case you were worried about …