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How to Prevent Your Drums From Slipping Out of Tune

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Tension Rod Slip Do you have problems with your tension rods detuning themselves as you play a gig? I know that I dealt with this for a very long time myself. I would sometimes find myself trying to tune my snare drum back up after a couple of songs because usually the lug nearest to where I hit my rim …

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How to pay if you don’t have Paypal

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How to Order “How to Make Custom Drums” If you want to buy “How to Make Custom Drums” but don’t have a Paypal account you can use your credit card or bank account to pay for it. Paypal still takes care of it, and I have nothing to do with processing the account information in case you were worried about …

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Drum Building 101 – The Pros and Cons of Tube Lugs

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Using Tube Lugs on Your Drums Tube lugs seem to be the lug of choice for most “custom” drum companies and for good reasons – they look great on any drum and are usually made out of solid brass which makes them very durable. There is however some characteristics about tube lugs that could make them difficult to work with …

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Mozambique Drum Lesson

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Here is a really cool pattern that helps you build 4-way independence around the drum set! Steve Gadd made this beat famous and I highly recommend watching his video too. In this video I am playing my very own custom drum set that I built! You can learn how to build your own custom drum set! For some free tips …