Greg’s first attempt at drum building

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1st Custom Snare Drum Build

This was sent in from Greg Doucette from Canada! That is a great looking drum Greg! This is a Stave snare drum 4.25″ x 14″ 10 lug. Maple with Padauk accent.



 Greg’s Drum Building Experience:

Check out what Greg had to say:

“Philip’s Ebook on how to make custom drums was instrumental in encouraging me to proceed with my idea of building my own custom drum. I am a hobby woodworker so building the stave shell was less daunting than it might be to some with little experience or lack of tools. As far as all the other process such as marking and drilling  for lugs and other hardware, creating a bearing edge etc., the information on the various processes and recommended tools gave me confidence in my ability to proceed.

The many references to suppliers of various component parts necessary to construct the drum made it easy for me to get a sense of what the project would cost and what I needed to do to get started. This book presents good solid information on innovative ways to construct your own drum building equipment for example sanding and truing the drum edges in preparation for cutting the bearing edge.

I will probably work with a purchased shell next time but the book will continue to be my Bible when it comes to the orderly process of building your own drum.”

-Greg Doucette

Just in case anyone was wondering, building stave drum shells is not covered in the book, however just like Greg said, I point you towards many builders who specialize in making beautiful exotic looking stave shells for you! Who knows, maybe you’ll be ordering your next stave shell from Greg!

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