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It’s been almost 3 years since the last update to my eBook “How to Make Custom Drums”.

That all changes very soon.

When I wrote the original version of the eBook in 2009 I was making some pretty standard looking drums that sounded incredible:

The first custom drum set that I built

However, to truly give you the ability to make a custom drum set or even start a profitable drum company, I need to tell you everything I have learned. I actually can’t believe some of the stuff that I’ve decided to include in this update.

I want you to be able to build drums like these:


I’m not exactly sure when I’ll be posting the site-wide re-branding to reflect the 3.0 upgrade to the eBook because I’m creating more tutorials to add to the eBook almost every day.

With all this said, you should know that the price of the eBook will most likely not stay $30.

However, until the update happens I am offering my eBook to you for $18.

If you buy now this basically means you get “grandfathered” in when the 3.0 version is released. One of the benefits of buying my eBook at any point in time is that you get updates to the eBook for life.

Until the update is available, you may use the discount code “3pointzero” at checkout to receive $12 off of your order.

If you have any questions or comments you may ask/leave them in the comments area. Here’s to starting your drum company in 2013!


  1. Phil, I’m about to start working on my first custom kit, and i’m gonna buy the book sometime this week. I really want to have wood rims on all the shells, does the book cover how to these instead of metal rims?

  2. Author

    Tyler, yes the eBook talks about wood rims. It’s only a matter of ordering the right parts!

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