How To Keep Drum Wrap Seams From Coming Up

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My Drum Wrap Seams Are Coming Unglued

I have a confession to make. I recently discovered that the seams on the 2nd wrapped drum set I ever made are starting to come apart. This is unacceptable, but luckily you get to learn from my mistake. Wrapping your custom drums with a sparkle, glass glitter, onyx, pearl, or solid color wrap  is an easy way to get a great finish on your drum without spending days, weeks, or months apply a stain and lacquer finish. Just make sure you do it right the first time or this will happen.

my custom drum wrap lifting at the seam

Super Glue Is Your Friend

This is what can happen to your seams if you leave your drums in a hot trailer for long periods of time. This can also happen if, when building your custom drums, you don’t pay careful attention to the seam prep and gluing process of the seams. I figured it was time to fix the seam so I got out my handy dandy Loctite Super Glue (not to be confused with Loctite Thread Locker Blue mentioned in an earlier post) and used it to glue to seams. I laid a piece of masking tape down by the edge to mask the part of the drum I didn’t want glue on.

mask the seam

Loctite Super GlueAfter squirting the Loctite Super Glue into the open seam area I just apply pressure the whole seam for 10 seconds. The result?

perfect glass glitter seamPerfection.

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