Classy Custom Drum Pictures from K-Drums

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Custom Drum Pictures From Drum Builders

Every time I get pictures in an email from someone who has used my eBook as a guide to build their very own custom drums I feel like I was able to make a difference in someone’s life. Today I got some amazing pictures of drums that Niklas Kilenstam built. I highly suggest you check out his custom drum company K-Drums and his band called  The Men. Let these pictures inspire you as you think about building your own custom drums!

Thanks Niklas for sending in these amazing, inspirational drum pictures!

What is your favorite drum/set out of all these pictures? Respond by leaving a comment!


  1. Hi, I noticed you built the kit for our church, Stonegate in Midland. What was your objective in building the kit and how did that help you decide the shell material and bearing edges. Thanks.

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