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Ed Francis on The Importance of “Spiking” Your Drum Kit Set-Up

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The Drum Coach from Round Rock Drums, Ed Francis (AKA: The Drummer on the Round Rock), combines his love of life, music and people with a HUGE and generous heart. At no cost to the recipients, Francis tours Round Rock and surrounding areas to share his passion for the arts and drumming. He donates countless hours to elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, juvenile detention facilities, music stores, drum studios, community centers, YMCA’s, daycare centers, and other outlets. He does this with one thing in mind – to spread his passion for music and drumming. I have had the privilege to become his friend over the past year and recently had a chance catch up and ask him to share a drum tip with the readers here at Makedrums.

How to Tune Drums – 4 Practical Drum Tuning Tips

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The ability to tune drums is something that comes with practice and patience. In this post I offer just a glimpse in the world how to tune drums. This post is not inteneded to make you the next great drum tuner, but should at least give you some insight in the the art of tuning drums that you may or may not have already known. This is your basic drum tuning stuff….stay tuned (no pun intended!) for some more in depth step by step “How To” drum tuning advice in one of my next posts! Enjoy!

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How to Prevent Your Drums From Slipping Out of Tune

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Tension Rod Slip Do you have problems with your tension rods detuning themselves as you play a gig? I know that I dealt with this for a very long time myself. I would sometimes find myself trying to tune my snare drum back up after a couple of songs because usually the lug nearest to where I hit my rim …

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Mozambique Drum Lesson

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Here is a really cool pattern that helps you build 4-way independence around the drum set! Steve Gadd made this beat famous and I highly recommend watching his video too. In this video I am playing my very own custom drum set that I built! You can learn how to build your own custom drum set! For some free tips …