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The Best Warranties for Full-Time Drummers

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About 10 years ago after cracking countless cymbals (yes, I know that I had bad technique for striking the cymbals, and I was really into Metal) I finally decided to try out this warranty thing. The reason I had never used the warranty before was because I thought that it would be a huge hassle or I had already lost the receipt. When I started making a living as a musician I realized that I could save all my receipts and use them as a deduction on my taxes, which encouraged me to keep all of my music “business” receipts in a safe place. Since then I’ve probably gotten about 6 free cymbals from sending them in because they cracked while they were still under warranty.

In order to use most warranties you must:

Have original purchase receipt
Purchase date must be within warranty coverage period.
Item under warranty must have only been subjected to normal conditions