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Practical Drumming & Life Wisdom from Ed Francis of Round Rock Drums

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Today’s post comes from Ed Francis, motivational speaker, professional drum instructor, and founder Round Rock Drums. In this post, you’ll find a great deal of practical wisdom applied to become a successful drummer. Read this and apply Ed’s principles if you want to grow as a drummer and human being! Click here to leave a comment for Ed. I’ve received …

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Want To Learn How To Play The Drums?

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Now is the best time to start drumming! Not only is it the best time to start playing drums, but it’s also the perfect time to better yourself at your instrument. Mike Michalkow’s Drumming System does both of those things. I personally own a copy and love it. Now is an amazing time to get on board with the Drumming …

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Mike Michalkow’s Drumming System Review – How to Play the Drums

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Mike Michalkow’s Drumming System Review Disclosure: Since I spent a LOT of time reviewing Mike Michalkow’s Drumming System, I would appreciate your support in buying lessons through a link on this page. You won’t pay a cent more, but I’ll receive a commission for my time writing this in-depth review, which helps fund this website (and my drum building obsession!). …

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David Milwain on The Importance of Reading Music for Drummers

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Rhythm and drumming has been a part of society dating back thousands of years. Something so primitive and natural is simply engrained in our being. We, the individual, need nothing but to harness the rhythm and express it.

When learning a new instrument, be it guitar, piano, drums or any other, the student has the option of learning to read the notation or playing solely by ear. Although learning by ear may be easiest or quickest for a beginner, I am a strong believer that learning to read the notation leads to a more holistic understanding of the instrument. Some music teachers focus solely on the basics of how to play; in my lessons I focus not only on the basics of drumming, but I also place emphasis on sight reading drum set and rhythmic notation along with proper counting and steady breathing techniques to make the student a more well-rounded drummer.

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How to Prevent Your Drums From Slipping Out of Tune

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Tension Rod Slip Do you have problems with your tension rods detuning themselves as you play a gig? I know that I dealt with this for a very long time myself. I would sometimes find myself trying to tune my snare drum back up after a couple of songs because usually the lug nearest to where I hit my rim …