What Will My Custom Drums Sound Like?

Custom Drum Set Sound Quality

I have received a couple of emails from people that are skeptical about the sound quality of a drum set that they build. I know that this is only my opinion, but I believe that if you follow my steps laid out in the book, (especially when it comes to outsourcing woodwork) you can build the best sounding kit you have ever played on! The moment I played on Kevin’s custom drum set (see orange drum set pictured below) I knew I had to have that sound. Having your drums sound good also has much to do with the drum head selection and how you tune your drums.

Drum Heads On My Custom Drums:

Kick Drum – Evans Emad on batter side, with an Evans Emad for the Resonant side
Toms – Clear Remo Emperor on batters, clear Remo Ambassador on resonant
Snare – Remo Coated Ambassador on batter, Remo Hazy Ambassador on the snare side.

As for tuning your drums I’ll be posting more about that later, but make sure you check out this blog post.

Now for the part you really care about. Below are some recordings of the 2nd drum set I ever built. When I built this set, I still knew very little about drum building, but I still had some amazing results:

Custom drums built for Steven

Mp3’s of Custom Drums

I recorded this drum set on the Home Hiccolm & the Rocketboy’s (now they are just called the Rocketboys) “Sing, Bird, Sing” EP. For the record we cut a port hole in the front bass drum head. This kit is (length X diameter) 8×10, 14×14, and 18×20 and sounds incredible. Don’t just take my word, listen to it yourself. Here are some selections from the album recorded at The Glass Jar Studio:

Do I wake or Sleep? By the Rocketboys

Do I Wake or Sleep? By the Rocketboys

Secrets and Numbers By the Rocketboys

Secrets & Numbers By the Rocketboyskevin's custom drum set

Another artist that recorded at the Glass Jar is Tyler Dodds. I played drums on his recordĀ This Is Not Our Home. Here are some songs off of that record using this drum set (which is Kevin’s 1st drum set he ever built)–>


These recordings use multiple snare drums – none were custom built.


We Need to Hear By Tyler Dodds

We Need to Hear by Tyler Dodds

Take Us Home By Tyler Dodds

Take Us Home By Tyler Dodds