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How to Wrap a Drum Shell Part 1

How to Wrap a Drum Shell Using a wrap to finish your drum is a great way to get an outstanding finish in very little time. If you are wrapping multiple drums you should find out if your wrap supplier has specific configurations already cut to size for your drums, if not you’ll need to calculate how much wrap you …

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This video shows many of pictures that are included in the book “How to Make Custom Drums” – Over 100 color pictures that visually explain drum building processes! Learn how to build your own custom drums by reading “How to Make Custom Drums“

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Drum Building 101 – The Pros and Cons of Tube Lugs

Using Tube Lugs on Your Drums Tube lugs seem to be the lug of choice for most “custom” drum companies and for good reasons – they look great on any drum and are usually made out of solid brass which makes them very durable. There is however some characteristics about tube lugs that could make them difficult to work with …

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Mozambique Drum Lesson

Here is a really cool pattern that helps you build 4-way independence around the drum set! Steve Gadd made this beat famous and I highly recommend watching his video too. In this video I am playing my very own custom drum set that I built! You can learn how to build your own custom drum set! For some free tips …

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Great Drum Tuning Article

I recently came across a great article about drum tuning technique that I wanted to share. This is a very in-depth explanation of some of the techniques I use to tune my own drums. If you follow Tomas’s directions you’ll have great sounding drums in no time. Check it out the full article here – Here is a very …

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DRUMMERS: How to Get More Gigs

How to Get More Drum Gigs I just wanted to share something that I think could be pretty cool for all you drummers out there trying to figure out how to get more gigs. Learn How to Write Drum Charts I’ve been drumming professionally for about 10 years and for about the last 5 I’ve been using a charting technique …

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New Drum Beats FOR YOU!

This past week I had a little bit of down time to make some drum videos. I’ve always been fascinated with Afro-Cuban and latin music, so I wanted to share a little bit of my passion with you. I’m no authentic Cuban drummer, but I try to fake it every now and then. I hope you like these drum videos! …