33 Drummer and Drum Related Gift Ideas For the Drummer In Your Life

*Updated 2015 Version!

Gifts for the Drummer

Big Fat Snare Drum

This is my top pick for 2015. I started using BFSN this year, and I have gotten more compliments on my snare sound from sound engineers and concert goers than I have ever gotten. If you don’t have a BFSN yet, you should stop making excuses and get yours today!

Big Fat Snare Drum


Probably my 2nd favorite purchase of 2015. Do you have problems with your kick drum sliding away from you when you play? This IS this solution for that. This mounts directly to your bass drum spurs, no need heavy machinery required to install.

KBrakes Kick Drum Sliding Prevention


Ableton Live – Intro Version

For the aspiring drummer/music producer. I got my intro copy of live about 5 years ago and it changed everything for me. To see how I use it when I play drums check out my Youtube playlist with Ableton Live tutorials. It’s also an incredible tool to create music! I don’t know how to play any instrument other than drums, but Ableton Live gives me the ability to create music without having to know how to “play” another instrument…I just use my ears and my computer! Check out this song I wrote using Ableton Live! (I recommend the intro version because you can get started with Ableton and as your progress with the software you can sequentially upgrade to Standard and Suite version and the money you spend on each version goes towards the next version’s price!)

Promark S22 Cymbal Sizzler

For all those smooth jazz gigs you’ll be playing! A simple and effective way to create new sounds.

Promark S22 Cymbal Sizzler

Meinl 6″ CRING Ching Ring

Create new grooves by quickly adding these tambourines to your hi-hat. No wing nuts involved, just drop on top of your hats!

Meinl 6" CRING Ching Ring


Tempo – Metronome With Setlists (iOS) 

It’s always good to have a back up metronome! Although this iPhone app is powerful and intuitive enough to use as your full time click!

Tempo - Metronome with setlists (iOS)

Clamp On Drink Holder

No one likes a spilled drink at a gig!

Clamp on Drink Holder


Drum Key

All Drummers should have at least 5…because you never know when we are going to lose them!


Speedy Drum Key

A little faster than your standard drum key.

Drill Bit Drum Key

The fastest way to change your drum heads! (You would also need a drill)


One of the best gifts you could ever give a drummer.

Music Stand

You can pack this baby up in your hardware case and take it to all your chart reading gigs!

Music Stand

Drum Heads

Check out my post describing my preference in drum heads – My preference in drum heads (Blog Post)

Mono Cases Drum Stick Bag

This stick bag is by far one of the coolest stick bags I’ve ever seen!

Mono Cases Stick Bag

Ahead Armor Cymbal Bag

I’ve owned this bag for about 3 years now, and I love it. I used to have the SKB hardcase, but what I didn’t like about that case was that it required me to take out ALL of my cymbals even if I only need one. This bag allows for quick set up and tear down, and you can wear it like a back pack and look super cool going through the airport. :)

Ahead Cymbal Bag

Pork Pie Drum Throne

Trust me… don’t go cheap on a drum throne.  This is what the drummer lives on top of. Skimp on this and you could be paying for it in visits to the back/neck/spine doctor! I have used a Pork Pie Drum throne for about 10 years now, they are amazing.

Roland Spd-s

Because it’s one of the cheaper ways to add some out of the box electronics to your set-up (Check out some of my Roland SPD-S Videos) Roland no longer makes the Spd-s so you may be able to find them on eBay!







Roland Octapad SPD-30 Digital Percussion Pad

Because it’s a step up from the Spd-S. Much better sounds, and functionality.

Roland SPD-SX Percussion Controller, Sampling Pad

Honestly, I just can’t get enough of all of the Roland drum pads…

Drum! Magazine Subscription

A great drum magazine.

Modern Drummer Magazine Subscription

The world’s most widely read drum magazine.

In Ear Monitors

Chances are, if you keep drumming, you’ll need a pair of these. There are some great options out there: Shure SE-425 (I use these) (They also have one of the best warranties)

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Sunglasses

Because you’ll need them at all the outdoor festivals you play at. Plus, you’ll look just like Guy “Shades” Patterson!

Drum T-Shirt That You Can Play!

Because there will always be “that guy” that wants to play the drums on your shirt, but when you wear this shirt you’ll give them a very nice surprise…it really plays!

Drum Lessons with the Pros

I have been a member of Drumeo for several years now, along with owning 3 of their training packs. (Successful Drumming, Drumming System, and Cobus Method) These guys know how to teach drums, and how to inspire the beginning drummer all the way to the professional. Drumeo is great because you get a live drum lesson a day with PRO drummers from all over the world, who play all sorts of styles of music. Check it out!



Sabian T-Shirt

Let people know what you play!

Sabian T-Shirt

I’d Rather Be Playing Drums Metal License Plate Frame Tag Holder

Now everyone behind your car will know the truth…

SKB Drum Cases with Padded Interiors

I have used SKB Cases for about 10 years and absolutely love them. Did I mention they have a lifetime warranty?

Sabian HHX Super Cymbal Pack

I am positive that any drummer who got this as a gift would indeed be grateful.

Sabian 24″ Symphonic Gong

Even though most drummers will admit it, they secretly wish you would buy them a gong!

Quick Set Cymbal Mate

I started using these a couple of years ago when I got tired of the cymbal wing nuts falling off the stand in a dark venue when I was changing cymbals. See my video review of the product.

The Making of a Drum Company : The Autobiography of William E. Ludwig II

This is a great book on the history of Ludwig drums told from the perspective of William Ludwig himself! I own it and think it should be required reading for all drummers who want to start a drum company! I also wrote a blog post on the History of Ludwig Drum Company a while back you might want to check out!

Neil Peart Taking Center Stage: Lifetime of Live Performances

This is Neil Peart’s latest DVD. One of the most famous drummers in the world. Know for playing drums for the band RUSH.

Blue Man Group: How to Be a Megastar Live!

I own the first Blue Man Group DVD and really want this one. If you need inspiration for drumming, just pop this in the dvd player! Incredible engaging live show.



Again, I own the first Stomp DVD and I really want this one. More drumming inspiration!


Audix DP7 Drum Microphone KIt Dynamic Mic Package

This is a really great set of drum mics that can get you started in the pro audio/drummer world!

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